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Ready to hear the truth?
Sound for every size

Generate both, personalised audio experiences and large sized sound fields, with the click of a button. Our intuitive products allow full flexibility within minutes.


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Constant volumes
Equal experience for everyone

Guarantee clear dry signals and minimise the loss in volume across long distances, by that equalising the audio experience for every single listener.

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One system 
Multiple feeds

Distribute up to 16 distinct feeds simultaneously to discrete sound fields within an area, from a single system within in minutes, projecting respective audio directly to the audience.


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Unmatched intelligibility
Understand the difference

Create crystal clear dry signals in even the most challenging environments, avoiding reflections and delivering an unmatched speech intelligibility.


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Close to the listener
with new speaker technology

Deliver extraordinary experiences by bringing audio closer to the listener than ever before, providing an audio experience which hasn’t been heard before.


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