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HOLOPLOT is a pro audio company from Berlin, Germany. Since early 2011, we have been working on radically transforming audio technology, by re-thinking the underlying physics of sound reproduction. We wondered: What if sound could truly be controlled the way we can control light? What if we could create soundscapes that feel more real than reality? What if every seat in a venue could be made the best seat?

Our solution is science-based, software-driven, and hardware-enabled: the HOLOPLOT Matrix Array. The sound system for a new era, a powerful tool that brings previously inaccessible capabilities to the world of audio. We believe when people experience better sound, they will enjoy more meaningful moments and create richer memories. At HOLOPLOT, it is our mission to redefine what is possible - enabling unparalleled and breathtaking experiences.

A revolution in sound. Be part of it.

Pro audio company

Inspired in Berlin

Berlin is a city of crazy ideas. It’s a city of passion, music, and tech. It’s probably the only place in the world where people talk about the sound system of a club as much as who is performing. Audio quality is imperative for listening here, and new ideas and technologies develop rapidly.

Our team emerged out of this culture and community. We formed out of the belief that the face of audio can be radically transformed. We’re built on a passion for sound and new technology. And when our team gathers, it’s a bunch of stubbornly passionate people coming together to listen, play, and appreciate music and sound together.

Our headquarters is located on the south end of Tempelhofer Field overlooking the old airport. It’s an area with historic significance and a landmark of extraordinary architecture. Our manufacturing facility is right around the corner here in Berlin as well, where all our products are assembled, tested, and shipped. And since 2020, we are proud to have a Los Angeles office leading the North American distribution of our products.

Our city never sleeps, and neither do we.

Rethinking audio

A quantum leap in capability

We exist because we do things differently.

Our journey began with Wave Field Synthesis, a principle often seen as the holy grail in audio theory, but full of pitfalls and challenges in practice. Helmut Oellers, the founding father of HOLOPLOT technology, took Wave Field Synthesis, turned it into the Matrix Array, and merged it with additional signal processing and audio beamforming capabilities.

Following years of research and development, our team of engineers has built much further on Helmut’s ideas. Today we are proud to be able to offer a revolutionary solution, based on a combination of our proprietary patented work and state-of-the-art technologies. Powerful, simple-to-use products and tools, which allow the creation of unparalleled audio experiences.

Welcome to a quantum leap in audio capabilities.

Excellence at last

Innovation in engineering and manufacturing

Making the leap to a game-changing audio solution requires us to operate at the cutting edge of research and technological capabilities. With our manufacturing teams, we bring together world-leading audio possibilities with quality German engineering.

While the hardware enables our technology, our software & algorithms are what makes it so powerful, versatile, and scalable, allowing constant improvements during a product’s lifetime, increased reliability, and predictable maintenance. HOLOPLOT products bring not only unparalleled audio performance, but they are also IoT-enabled devices, harnessing the power of data to continuously evolve.

All of our products undergo vigorous procurement & quality processes using the latest smart techniques. Combined with lean manufacturing, this enables us to ensure reliability, durability, and consistency in performance.

A highly awarded Team

We’re humbled to have received the following recognitions:

The SXSW Interactive Innovation Award The SXSW Interactive Innovation Award

The MIT Technology Review - 50 Most Innovative Companies The MIT Technology Review - 50 Most Innovative Companies

 The Deutsche Bahn Supplier Innovation Award 2018 The Deutsche Bahn Supplier Innovation Award 2018

AV Awards Winner 2019 AV Awards Winner 2019

Time Magazine Best Innovations 2022 Time Magazine Best Innovations 2022

Best Of Show InfoComm 2024, 2022 Best Of Show InfoComm 2024, 2022

Best Of Show ISE 2024, 2023, 2022 Best Of Show ISE 2024, 2023, 2022

Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2024 Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2024

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Calling all rule-breakers, risk-takers, and change-makers.

We are always on the lookout for whip-smart folks willing to roll up their sleeves and dive deep to define new standards in the industry.

We are engineers, thought-leaders, and explorers who aim to shape the future of sound together. Our multicultural team comes from many different countries, bringing with them diverse talents and personalities united in their focus, passion, and curiosity. We strive for transparency, offer flat hierarchies, and opportunities to make an impact from day one.

We seek to increase diversity within the company. Therefore, people of all genders or any ethnic and religious background, are encouraged to apply. We recognize that we are strengthened by diversity and we strive to provide a flexible work environment in which everyone is included, treated fairly, and with respect.

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