Give every performance the sound it deserves


Give every performance the sound it deserves

Maintain every detail of the mix, uncompromized by distance, angle or room acoustics. Deliver nuanced, multi-faceted audio to every listener, making every seat the best seat.

Consistent coverage

Staying in the zone

HOLOPLOT technology allows you to direct and shape sound to exactly where you need it, while simultaneously avoiding unnecessary reflections by creating precise coverage and avoidance zones.

Our unique optimisation algorithms guarantee an extremely homogenous coverage, with minimal loss in level over distance.

For untinged sound that reaches everyone, whether at the front, back or to the sides, on a balcony or underneath it - a HOLOPLOT system elevates the audio for all ears.

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Next-level imaging

Same setup, better experience

Deployed as a stereo setup in a L/R configuration a HOLOPLOT system may look conventional, but the results of 3D Audio-Beamforming are unique. HOLOPLOT technology widens the audio imaging and offers creative tools to step up the listening experience.

Given the consistent and precise coverage with minimal loss in level, sound is no longer perceived only from the source closest to the listener, instead the mix is equally distributed across the entire audience area, widening the sweet spot and giving everyone a premium seat experience.

"You can pinpoint a location, point at it, and send audio with such a degree of technical excellence that you can hit a spot 500ft away. I was, like, oh my God, this is the future of our industry..."

- Joe O’Herlihy, FoH Engineer for U2

Digital flexibility

Changing shows at the click of a button

One system for multiple show types. A HOLOPLOT system is configured digitally, removing the need to manually reconfigure the rig, a trait especially helpful in venues that host a variety of content.

With HOLOPLOT you benefit from intuitive software to create presets that address any show configuration you wish. From a rock concert, to a keynote, or a cinema screening, HOLOPLOT is made for multipurpose venues.


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