Sound shouldn't work like this, but now it does

HOLOPLOT for Experiential

Sound shouldn't work like this, but now it does

With HOLOPLOT technology you can redefine reality. Immerse listeners in your sonic world. Maintain every detail or create artificial soundscapes. You decide!

Unlimited creativity

Free your painting from its frame

Combine all HOLOPLOT tech capabilities to create rich sound experiences that turn any environment into authentic and exciting listening encounters. We enable you to rethink space entirely, painting it with sound.

Direct sound exactly to where it is wanted, even emanating from places where you can't fit a loudspeaker. All with one system.

For all and for one

Pinpoint precision for individual experiences

You can now place sound within 3D space, making your soundscapes come alive. Utilise the sensation of proximity or layers of different content played at the same time. Create multiple sound experiences within one room, letting the audience direct their discovery.

Focus spots, Virtual Sources and multi-zones content provide the ultimate toolbox for your creative workflow.

"HOLOPLOT has been the key in making the show 'alive with sound.'"

- Richard Slaney, CEO Lightroom

Multiple beams, countless possibilities

Because more is more

Each Matrix Array Audio Module can generate up to 12 beams, each with its own content, level, EQ and importantly, target area. Prepare the space for your mix, like you would with a canvas, before applying paint.

A clean base layer, free from reverberations and echoes allows your sonic scene to gain depth. Sounds are not fighting for bandwidth, but instead each has its own space in the mix.


Upgrade your project today

Lightroom, London

Immersive storytelling in the heart of London

Lightroom, London
X1 Matrix Array

X1 Matrix Array

Best sound for the most ambitious applications

X2 Matrix Array

X2 Matrix Array

Same control, new dimensions