Sound intelligence

Constantly advancing by default

Sound intelligence

HOLOPLOT systems are the reliable solution for the digital age, built on digital capabilities from the ground up and ever expanding to adapt to a fast changing world.

Goodbye lift and shift

Hello tap and map

Control and create sound like never before with software so easy to use, it just clicks. From first-time to showtime, our revolutionary real-time workflow enables swift, seamless configuration and delivers optimum outcomes.

HOLOPLOT technology is software driven and fully IoT enabled. Once in place, you can optimize your system digitally, getting it to adapt to different audience sizes, event configurations or environmental conditions - all without the need to physically rearrange the arrays.

The power of 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis, plus a sophisticated operating system at your fingertips.

Optimized performance

Intelligent room navigation

X1 incorporates optimized coverage beams to enhance sound delivery, ensuring consistent and high-quality audio without degradation over long distances. Optimized Coverage Beams avoid reflective surfaces, improving acoustic performance and maintaining uniform sound levels and spectral consistency across the audience area.

To address challenges in long-distance sound propagation, sophisticated compensation algorithms address air absorption by considering the direction and distance of each beam, enabling users to balance spectral uniformity and sound pressure levels, providing optimal audio quality and coverage in diverse spaces.


Design with HOLOPLOT Plan

IoT & Cloud Connectivity

A living and breathing sound system

Minimising downtime, maximising productivity. While the hardware enables our technology, our software and algorithms are what make it so powerful, versatile, and scalable, allowing constant improvements that extend a product’s lifetime. Over-the-air updates and upgrades ensure enhanced performance, increased reliability, and offer new features.

Our smart software constantly monitors and analyses the performance of your system and its components, identifying and detecting faults before they become an issue. Not only are our remote support team ready to step in whenever needed, your data is always backed up in the cloud.

For extra peace of mind.

Sound Control

Sound Control

Place sound where you need it. Eliminate it where you don’t.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Unprecedented sound, paired with greater freedom.

Exceptional performance

for all applications

X1 Matrix Array

X1 Matrix Array

Full-range sound for the largest, most demanding applications

X2 Matrix Array

X2 Matrix Array

Discreetly controlled, for a new standard in speech intelligibility

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