Ensure every word is heard

HOLOPLOT for Speech

Ensure every word is heard

Unmatched speech intelligibility and precise audio coverage in any environment, over any distance, delivering the quality of a close conversation to every listener. With HOLOPLOT, it’s your message, understood.

Clarity in any environment

Intelligible audio, direct to every ear

Using 3D Audio-Beamforming, reflective surfaces are avoided, minimizing reflections and echos in acoustically challenging spaces.

HOLOPLOT technology is based on powerful software, enabling you to cut through noise pollution. The result? Equal sound coverage over any distance.

Compliance to the highest standard

Play by the rules with ease

Acoustic design guidelines in public spaces are there for a reason. They protect hearing and ensure crucial announcements are understood.

HOLOPLOT technology allows you to achieve STI values required in PA/VA deployments and other projects where intelligibility is of the utmost importance such as houses of worship, public transportation hubs or XL event spaces such as stadia and arenas.

Our design software HOLOPLOT Plan allows you to accurately model and predict audio distribution, minimising tuning time.

"Thanks to Holoplot's ability to not only control sound in the vertical but also horizontal, it achieves unbelievable intelligibility and exceeded our expectations in both the quality of sound, and seamless integration."

- Emad Shenouda, Projects Director at integrator Audio Technology

A new freedom in hardware positioning

Heard, not seen

HOLOPLOT technology covers a space more effectively, minimizing the amount of required hardware positions and acoustic treatment for discrete architectural integration.

Placed behind LED panels or cloth, mounted at extreme heights above the audience, a HOLOPLOT system disappears from view visually and sonically, leaving you to create memorable experiences without compromises.


Upgrade your project today

Masjid Misr, Cairo

10.000 sqm marble mosque

Masjid Misr, Cairo
X1 Matrix Array

X1 Matrix Array

Best sound for the most ambitious applications

X2 Matrix Array

X2 Matrix Array

Same control, new dimensions