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HOLOPLOT welcomes Jocelyne Bückner as new Head of Marketing


HOLOPLOT welcomes Jocelyne Bückner as new Head of Marketing

HOLOPLOT is delighted to announce the appointment of Jocelyne Bückner as its new Head of Marketing. Based in Germany, Bückner brings over 15 years of marketing experience gained in various senior positions, including her latest leadership role at d&b audiotechnik as director of brand and corporate communications. 

Reporting to HOLOPLOT CEO, Roman Sick, Bückner explains that she had taken notice of HOLOPLOT and its rise in the market, but what convinced her to join the company was experiencing the X1 system live for the first time.

“HOLOPLOT has elevated the sound control race to a different level, but what impressed me even more was the contemporary nature of the company. Among all the brands in the market, HOLOPLOT has such an interesting story, and the company messaging is cutting-edge and personally resonated with me.” 

– Jocelyne Bückner, Head of Marketing

Handling both the experience-focused initiatives and the more practical 'nuts and bolts' marketing aspects of HOLOPLOT product launches, Bückner is looking forward to taking the brand to the next level. “All the elements within the department represent a culmination of my experiences from prior roles. I'm thrilled to be able to work with a company where I can have my hands on everything,” she says.

Her objective is to continue to develop a high-performing and scalable team to support all the company's needs. “The HOLOPLOT ethos of creating a work atmosphere that attracts top talent resonates with me. Given the ambitious growth strategy, I want to ensure that our team aligns with these ambitions and is the engine it needs to be. The entire team is dedicated to playing a tangible and measurable role, demonstrating the value of marketing to the overall business,” she notes.

Bückner also emphasizes the marketing team’s continuing role in building the HOLOPLOT brand for the long term and nurturing it to further strengthen its reputation as a leader in the audio industry.

“We will be unveiling several new products across diverse markets, so the primary goal is to effectively communicate all our initiatives. The industry has started to recognize the full power of HOLOPLOT technology, and that the value derived from it can lead to enhanced business outcomes, yielding more than just experiences, but increased revenue as well.” 

– Jocelyne Bückner, Head of Marketing

With her extensive experience in scaling up marketing functions, HOLOPLOT also aims to expand its partner marketing program, facilitating mutual growth between the company and its partners. “Our roster of clients, projects, and partners comprises individuals shaping the next level of audio experience in their respective disciplines. It’s an intriguing array of people to engage with. They are transforming their fields, and we are an integral part of that transformation,” she explains.

 “Jocelyne brings a strong strategic capability and unwavering energy to the team, coupled with a growth mindset. As we expand our market presence, manifesting and building relationships with our partners across the globe, she will be an important piece of the jigsaw, helping us further broaden our market appeal and highlighting the value  HOLOPLOT is providing to our clients.” 

– Roman Sick, HOLOPLOT CEO