Breaking barriers of sound and language

X1’s generates world’s first live simultaneous translation at Auto Shanghai

Breaking barriers of sound and language

A ‘simple’ concept

Inclusivity through technology innovation

Polestar's unwavering commitment to advancing technology and shaping a more engaging, interconnected, and autonomous future for its customers is exemplified by the recent launch of their latest electric SUV at Auto Shanghai.

The launch event showcased the dedication to their mission statement and was underlined by the meticulous selection of innovative technology partners for the project.

HOLOPLOT worked closely with Polestar and partner Creative Technology to create a tailored X1 system design that would fulfil the client’s ambitious requirements: 

To achieve live simultaneous translation between English and Mandarin Chinese - a feat never before accomplished without the use of headphones or any other aid other than the audio emanating directly from the sound system.

Until now…

Polestar wanted to work with fellow innovators to provide a single system that could deliver layers of audio, including multiple languages and immersive audio environments. The only way of accomplishing that was with HOLOPLOT.”

Lee Dennison Head of Client Services at Creative Technology

A field of flowers

No distractions

Simple yet impactful, personalized yet inclusive. 

As a Swedish brand, Polestar wanted to maintain a clean and minimalist Scandinavian design for the visual as well as the audio experience of the display. It was key to provide a comfortable, informative experience for the audience without unnecessary distractions to ensure maximum engagement.

By preventing the need for wearables, visitors enjoyed unknown before freedom in which to explore the display and find out about Polestar’s new products.

The concept

Two distinct content zones for English and Mandarin

A keynote for everyone - The HOLOPLOT X1 system allowed the creation of two separate listening zones for the invited guests of the launch event - one delivering the keynote in English, the other simultaneous translation in Mandarin Chinese.

Conventional translation methods would require the use of headphones or subtitling, neither method in line with Polestar’s mission statement of autonomy and accessibility.

The system

The system comprised of three X1 arrays in an off-axis L/C/R configuration.

One 2x1 MD96 array above the audience on the the left side of the central stage, one 2x1 MD 96 array on the opposite side to the right of the stage and a 2x2 MD96 center array above the LED screen at the back wall. The central array was fixed at a height of 8.1m and the arrays to the sides at 7.5m height, ensuring unspoilt sightlines in line with the brand’s design ethos.

Additional show days

Discoverable display via dual language zones

After the launch event, the public was invited to explore the display and find out more about Polestar’s new product and value proposition.

The same X1 system used for the launch event included beam configurations to create audio focus spots along the curved walkway delivering information about the car’s features as well as insights into the design of the display and the brand, again in both Mandarin and English.

Additionally, an immersive ambient sound bed provided background music for a comfortable atmosphere.

What was accomplished at the Polestar 4 launch has opened up new possibilities and a natural way of engaging people in events.”

Ryan Penny Head of Sales at HOLOPLOT

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