Starlite Occident 2023

Delivering flawless coverage for all

Starlite Occident 2023

We see X1 as a game-changer in the audio industry, offering exceptional control and coverage. Its versatility makes it a Swiss Army Knife for loudspeakers, catering to a variety of applications and clients.”

– José Manuel Jimenez Owner at Ilusovi

The Festival

The best boutique festival in the world

Starlite Festival is an established multi-day spectacle, hosted at a disused quarry site in Marbella, Spain. In 2023,  it hosted 69 shows between June and August, featuring a diverse lineup of English and Spanish artists.

HOLOPLOT rental partner Ilusovi provided an X1 system, strategically deployed to overcome challenges posed by the venue's unique acoustic environment.

Performances by:

Lionel Richie
Iggy Pop
Tom Jones
Luis Fonsi
Yusuf/ Cat Stevens
The Black Eyed Peas
Norah Jones
Rod Stewart
Ricky Martin
Gipsy Kings


… the list goes on

The Venue

A quarry turned amphitheatre

HOLOPLOT 3D Audio Beamforming technology addressed all the challenges posed by the transformed quarry site location of the festival and stage setup, including:

  • Reflections from the quarry walls
  • A steeply raked seating area
  • Low stage height
  • A VIP area positioned at a 90-degree angle to the stage

A left  / right X1 system was able to cover all areas efficiently, without exciting the surrounding quarry walls, keeping the audio effortlessly clean and targeted for the entire audience.

The system's audio distribution enables us to sustain optimal sound levels without pushing the speakers to their maximum capacity. In fact, during the show, I asked engineers to estimate the SPL they thought they were mixing at, and many of them were surprised to find that the meters were only reading 92 dB.”

– Aaron Guerrero Head of Audio at Ilusovi

The System

X1 left and right


X1 left and right

The system at Starlite consisted of six X1 MD80-S and six X1 MD96 in a six (vertical) by two (horizontal) configuration left and right of the stage, complemented by an additional two MD96 as a center cluster.

A combination of one MD96 and MD80-S underneath the arrays at the left and right, as well as two single MD96 modules in the center were employed as front fills to provide coverage for the areas nearest to the stage.

Even Coverage for All

Target SPL

To achieve even coverage across the multiple seating areas, stretching across steep levels and, in case of the VIP area to the right at a 90 degree angle to the stage, the HOLOPLOT system employed its proprietary optimization algorithms to create defined coverage and avoidance zones, ensuring the best sound experience for every seat.

Optimized Coverage Beams are tailored to the desired target area, compensating for level drop over distance, air absorption and generating the required frequency and phase response.

Direct SPL 25-20000Hz, Broadband
Direct SPL 25-20000Hz, Broadband

VIP Experience

An angle on quality sound  

Avoiding reflection to maximise intelligibility was key at Starlite. The quarry wall directly behind the VIP bar to the right of the stage had previously proven difficult. 

The X1 system design included an additional optimized coverage beam, deployed by the left main array, to deliver sound to that area, while simultaneously creating an avoidance zone around the quarry wall directly behind the bar. This ensured a comfortable level in the hospitality section of the VIP area and the same clear, quality listening experience inside the VIP audience area.

Beam Optimization Settings
Beam Optimization Settings

Many PA boxes have resonances in the mid and low frequencies, which can cloud the region, producing a lot of tone bass, but not with HOLOPLOT.”

– Yamil Martinez FOH Engineer for Luis Fonsi

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