Familiar interface, maximum flexibility


Comfortably manage and operate your HOLOPLOT sound system

HOLOPLOT Control is a versatile, browser-based software, designed to seamlessly manage and operate HOLOPLOT sound systems of any design and size.

It simplifies the process of locating and managing Audio Modules, switching between various presets, monitoring signal level meters, and quickly understanding the currently loaded system. This streamlined approach makes it ideal for handling diverse audio setups, ensuring users can easily manage and adapt their audio environment.

Easy to use and access

A simple and intuitive interface enables you to focus more on creativity and less on complexity.

Integrated workflow

Integration with HOLOPLOT Plan streamlines the sound design process, for an efficient transition from planning to execution.

Made for performance

HOLOPLOT Control allows you to get the best out of your system, in any environment and regardless of scale.

Key Features

Understand your project

3D representation of your system, presets, and beams

Control at your fingertips

Change presets, adjust system gain, monitor signal levels

Make it sound like yours

Adjust beam EQs, gain and delays

Device management

Track the health of Audio Modules, Arrays and Controllers


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