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Transforming Sound Experiences:  HOLOPLOT Launches the X1 Matrix Array


Transforming Sound Experiences:  HOLOPLOT Launches the X1 Matrix Array

Berlin, May 5, 2021.

HOLOPLOT has today announced the launch of its X1 product line, including the X1 Modul 96, a full-range matrix loudspeaker with 96 drivers, and the X1 Modul 80-S, a full-range loudspeaker with 80 drivers and an integrated subwoofer. X1 is specifically built for high-performance applications, targeting large conferences, concerts, venues, theme parks, immersive installations and much more.

Since its foundation in 2011, HOLOPLOT has consistently pushed the boundaries of loudspeaker technology using 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis to steer sound beams (vertically and horizontally) directly to the desired areas. More than just a loudspeaker, it’s a fully integrated, German-engineered system which combines sophisticated software and IoT (internet of things) capabilities.

A new era of audio

HOLOPLOT’s unique and patented technology represents a quantum leap in audio reproduction, allowing sound control with ultra-high precision over large distances. This both optimizes the listening experience for every audience member, while eliminating spillovers and unwanted reflections. Using the proprietary 3D Audio-Beamforming technology, HOLOPLOT products are able to control sound similar to light, precisely shaping and steering acoustic beams to easily create sound fields that optimally cover audience areas of any shape and size. Furthermore, a single HOLOPLOT Matrix Array can generate multiple sound fields simultaneously – each with its own content, equalization, level, shape, and position.

HOLOPLOT’s Wave Field Synthesis technology enables sound designers to recreate audio objects authentically, as if the original object would stand in front of the listener. The sound object is no longer bound to the position of the loudspeaker, but comes alive, moving through the 3-Dimensional space, delivering an incredibly tangible experience. This technology is one-of-a-kind and represents an entirely new way of engaging with the medium audio. Imagine sitting in the audience, and suddenly the performer is whispering in your ear, and yours alone.

A sweet spot for all

X1 offers the ultimate level of directivity control to the most demanding applications in terms of audio quality and sound pressure level such as performing arts venues, arenas, immersive spaces and conference or event halls. Whether it’s consistently brilliant music across the whole audience area from front to back, multiple highly intelligible multi-language contents in conferences, or a fully immersive Theme Park installation with personalised sound spots, HOLOPLOT fulfills its guiding principle: “To make every seat the best seat.” No longer is outstanding audio quality reserved for only a part of the audience - now everyone in the audience will receive an unparalleled, engaging, and memorable sound experience.

Conference attendees can now hear a presentation in their respective languages based on their position in the room, music venues can deliver consistent audio quality to all parts of the audience, while perfectly mapped sound allows theme park visitors to immerse themselves in an incredibly tangible and personal adventure with their favorite character.

The X1 stands out not only due to its unique capabilities, but also its exceptional audio quality and richness. The modules (loudspeakers) have up to 96 individually amplified drivers including more than 60 silk dome tweeters per cabinet, delivering a studio-grade brilliance even at high sound pressure levels.

But X1 is more than just a speaker, it is a complete smart system based on highly advanced software, combined with IoT capabilities and Cloud connectivity functions. The HOLOPLOT X1 is as much a game-changer in terms of audio experience as it is one in terms of system planning, operation and maintenance, due to the various software applications provided. The X1 will not only stay up-to-date, but will improve further after installation and during lifetime.

Matrix Array

With X1, HOLOPLOT is creating a new category of audio system, the Matrix Array. While the industry has predominantly experienced point source and line arrays in the past, the Matrix Array takes it to a new dimension. X1 modules are building blocks that can be flexibly combined in matrix arrays of different configuration and scale - meeting the specific needs of an application and project. This unprecedented approach is revolutionary and introduces a new era of audio technology.

HOLOPLOT is an extraordinary company. Our technology truly has the potential to change the world, our growth in the last 3 years was exceptional and our culture is fantastic, with people being simply beyond motivated, excited and skilled. There is innovation every day and I am very grateful to be able to work with such an amazing team.


The X1 Matrix Array is a paradigm shift in the audio industry. It enables re-thinking and letting go of old patterns, thereby opening the door to a completely new world of possibilities and creating unprecedented audio experiences. With X1 we are deliberately targeting the most ambitious and most demanding segments of the market, those with high SPL requirements and equally high audio quality standards. Our new audio modules, the MD96 and MD80-S, are two radically new product concepts and represent a best-in-class approach for those who are seeking next-level audio performance.


HOLOPLOT product capabilities are unique. Our patented technology has been developed and improved over a decade and our strong basis on software allows us to continually improve and deploy further advancements.