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Breaking Technology Silos


Breaking Technology Silos

Breaking Technology Silos

Think of innovation in the AV industry and it’s easy to picture new physical products and upgrades being launched and showcased like clockwork every year.

As Brian Allen, Executive VP of Technology and Content at Illuminarium puts it: “Technology is always evolving, you’re always going to be chasing it. There’s always going to be something new.”

The X1 Matrix Array is no exception to this - fusing software and hardware to deliver unique capabilities that revolutionize sound system design, pushing hard on the boundaries of what’s possible in audience entertainment.

Technology partnerships, not off the shelf loudspeakers.

At HOLOPLOT, innovation is not limited to product design, it’s carried one step further to include our approach to client and integrator collaboration. We believe the full impact of advanced technologies such as X1 are best felt when working closely at point of conceptualisation with creatives to understand their aspiration and vision for the project. Taking time also to understand the capabilities and concerns of other technology providers, and determining how best to support them.

As audio technology partner for the groundbreaking Illuminarium Atlanta and Vegas experiences - working “shoulder to shoulder” with brands such as Panasonic - HOLOPLOT was able to demonstrate the value of this approach first hand, devising tailor made solutions to hide the X1 modules and create a seamless projection surface.

In Joe Conover’s eyes, Senior Strategic Partner at Panasonic Connect, “...what we have is truly unique technology that can be honed.” Being able to hone and problem solve together in a symbiotic relationship is key so compromise can be avoided.

Watch the video below to dive deeper into the benefits of technology partnerships, the future of immersive and where it is likely to lead us.