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HOLOPLOT starts joint venture with WHITEvoid for Christopher Bauder’s latest project DARK MATTER


HOLOPLOT starts joint venture with WHITEvoid for Christopher Bauder’s latest project DARK MATTER

The employed technologies, such as KINETIC LIGHTS' computer-controlled synchronized winches and light elements, and the completely new HOLOPLOT 3D soundsystem, represent the absolute highest levels of modern technology. The groundbreaking combination makes DARK MATTER a unique high-tech location for audiovisual spatial experiences.

Berlin, December 2020.

As part of the joint venture, HOLOPLOT will equip Bauder's latest light and sound project DARK MATTER with its radically new, groundbreaking 3D sound system. The deep tech company contributes to, among other things, bringing the unique compositions of the likewise project-involved and prestigious sound designer Robert Henke to life. The HOLOPLOT Audio System delivers unrivalled sound quality and authenticity of audio content as well as perfect synchronicity with the stunning visual elements of the show. DARK MATTER can be experienced from spring 2021 in the premises of a former Berlin factory site.

Parallel world of light, space, and sound

DARK MATTER creates a parallel cosmos of expansive light installations in which the boundaries between the real and digital worlds become blurred. In pitch-black rooms the visitor embarks on a journey through seven partly interactive works. Light, movement, and sound merge into graceful choreographies of luminous forms and colors – from intimate light compositions to walk-in, interactive objects and room-filling, audiovisual light shows.

Audio technology "Made in Berlin"

To create a fully immersive synchronicity of sound design and light show elements, HOLOPLOT's brand new and groundbreaking audio technology is used. Based on proprietary algorithms as well as industry-leading software and hardware solutions, it enables two core functionalities: 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis.

With 3D Audio-Beamforming, acoustic beams can – both an industry first – be shaped ultra-precisely to the required geometry and steered vertically and horizontally in space. The result: sound is targeted and projected exclusively to where it is desired – tailored to the individual circumstances and requirements of each installation. In this way, dynamically adjustable audience areas with optimal acoustic coverage and sound field homogeneity can be created, which noticeably improve the listening experience.

The specially developed Wave Field Synthesis technology creates spatial and immersive sound designs with lively and clearly localizable audio objects. These can move dynamically through space, with each individual listener perceiving them identically in terms of audio quality, direction, and distance. The sound objects can also be focused on specific listener positions in the audience area to create targeted localizations and special effects for small groups or even individual listeners. This enables unprecedented authenticity of audio content for outstanding experiences.

Roman Sick, CEO of HOLOPLOT: "Our revolutionary technology offers a completely new access to the medium audio and allows radically new approaches in the creation of unique experiences. Our goal is always to provide the most identical, authentic sound experience possible with brilliant and present sound in outstanding quality for every audience member. Immersive audio experiences are a core competence of our technology. That's why we are pleased to support Christopher Bauder's ambitious and visionary DARK MATTER project with the performance of our audio systems to become a true Berlin highlight."

Christopher Bauder, founder, and CEO of WHITEvoid: "We were looking for a performative spatial sound distribution system and the HOLOPLOT hard- and software exceeds all our expectations. Their innovative technology allows us to treat sound the same way as we treat our visuals. We are able to position visual elements, sound, and music precisely and dynamically in space. This creates a powerful synaesthetic effect and transports visitors to another world of imagination and emotion, where they can experience completely new possibilities of artistic expression. Additionally, the HOLOPLOT system also surpasses other wave field synthesis systems in terms of bass pressure and clarity."