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HOLOPLOT Plan v0.12.3


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HOLOPLOT Plan v0.12.3

HOLOPLOT release third round of updates to sound system design software, HOLOPLOT Plan v0.12.3, further improving the capability set and workflow for users and adding HOLOPLOT’s latest product, X2 - allowing for even more flexibility when designing quality sound systems for a multitude of use cases.

What’s new in HOLOPLOT Plan Beta v0.12.3?

  • Start harnessing the power of X2 and design systems featuring multiple HOLOPLOT products.

  • More detailed analysis options including beam interference, for an even better understanding of system output.

  • More freedom. A new Low-shelf 7dB target response option has been added for greater flexibility in achieving the desired sound characteristics.

  • Plan goes global: Users can now switch easily between metric and imperial units.

  • Simplified output adaptation. The min and max limits in the SPL color map in the simulation can now be changed, allowing users to narrow or widen the dB range by adjusting the scale.

  • Easier orientation. One click return to the default setting in the grid, updated colors between zones and venue geometry and full screen use is set as default.

With HOLOPLOT Plan Beta v0.12.3, we're taking another step forward in unlocking infinite possibilities for creative problem-solving through sound system design. Update your software today and explore the endless potential of the pioneering X1 Matrix Array. The future is here, and it sounds better than ever before.

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