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Not your average CEO


Not your average CEO

HOLOPLOT’s front man Roman Sick graces cover of Headliner Magazine

HOLOPLOT has been causing quite a stir in the pro audio industry since launching it’s X1 Matrix Array, especially after showcasing it to crowds at last year’s Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona.

The HOLOPLOT story continues to generate interest in the global industry press. At the end of 2022 Roman spoke more candidly than ever before with Headliner’s Editor, Dan Gumble. The pair explored what it’s like to lead an audio company as an industry outsider, the challenges Roman and his team have overcome to play alongside the AV establishment and the company’s much-anticipated mega projects due to be revealed this year.

“If you are a newcomer and you want to play top of the league you are going to be viewed by different measures. You need to do things significantly better because everyone is going to be watching you. Frankly, we have been under a lot of scrutiny for the last few years, as we are doing the Sphere in Vegas, which is one of the biggest projects in the world. And coming from where we were, as a small company without a marketable product at that point in time, to do this project, you need to pass a lot of gates to prove that you are ready for it.” Roman Sick

Follow the link below to read the  exclusive interview (from page 20) to find out how HOLOPLOT’s unique audio technology is revolutionizing what’s possible in sound and where Roman plans to take HOLOPLOT in the future.