Illuminarium Experiences

The soundscapes of Illuminarium.

Illuminarium Experiences

What if there was an entirely new way of engaging audiences with audio?

What if an unprecedented level of control over sound was now within reach?

When using the HOLOPLOT X1 system, you have at your fingertips a previously inaccessible level of control over sound in both axes as well as exceptionally authentic sound localization — with lifelike distance and directional perception of audio objects.

Even within the audience room, you can position a sound source as if it’s right in front of, beside or behind the listener. Sound objects are no longer bound to the position of a loudspeaker; instead, they come to life, moving on command through 3-D spaces as they deliver an incredibly realistic and tangible audience experience.

Where do you want to go today?

Illuminarium will take you there

Illuminarium's immersive venues are already transporting visitors to places they can only dream of experiencing. Audiences are placed "inside" the narrative with techniques used in traditional motion picture production and virtual reality that facilitate the experience of real-world, filmed content (like a safari) and authentic, re-created worlds in an immersive environment.

Most importantly, this is achieved without the need for wearable hardware.

WILD: A Safari Experience

The great outdoors, indoors

Two rooms. Four countries. One realistic, multi-sensory safari experience. WILD allows visitors to experience the great outdoors, indoors. 

Cinematic content from Radical Media uses custom camera arrays to provide a 240-degree native field of view (versus the average 210-degree human field of view). 

Strobe effects, gentle floor vibration, immersive, authentic sounds and scents, and realistic and responsive projection all contribute to the trip of a lifetime as you’re immersed in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa without leaving Atlanta. 

"Audio will increase the power of the experience by 50%. I did not really know what it meant until I went to Berlin and listened to the HOLOPLOT system and it just blew all of us away.”

- Alan Greenberg, CEO and founder of Illuminarium Experiences

  • 52

    X1 MD96

  • 7

    X1 MD80-S

  • 2

    HOLOPLOT Controllers

Venue challenge #1

Reproduce convincing soundscapes that represent a natural environment

Studio grade drivers provide precise source reproduction; achieving brilliance and detail in the high frequencies needed for birdsong — plus power and energy in the low frequencies required for a raging thunderstorm.

Optimized beams achieve spectral uniformity to any given target curve, providing sound designers with the confidence that their studio mixes will be reproduced as intended. Each module can be optimized to homogeneously cover a defined audience area reducing hotspots and providing each visitor the same experience regardless of their location within that area.

Venue challenge #2

Recreate a sound environment that matches the visual projections

Unlike conventional technologies, HOLOPLOT audio objects are not restricted to the 2D surface of the projection wall. Sound designers can play with depth, so an audio object can appear to be far away or, on the other hand, whisper in your ear.

HOLOPLOT spatialization algorithms, its homogeneous coverage and optimized arrival times enable visitors to accurately localize audio objects and their trajectory across the venue, in perfect synchronicity with the distinct visual show elements.

Customized system design ensures that any audio object location can be authentically reproduced.

Venue challenge #3

Create different audience zones each with unique content in one large room, that can also be one zone

3D Audio-Beamforming technology allows for multiple precise audio zones to be created. A HOLOPLOT audio module can, independently or collectively, generate multiple sound fields simultaneously – each with its own content, equalization, level, shape, and position.

For each zone, the modules in that section are all optimized to form a soundfield capable of enveloping the listener and operating as an independent spatial audio system. Allowing the visual designer to create separate scenes within a single space and ensuring synchronicity of the audio content to that scene. 

Venue challenge #4

Conceal the audio technology, making it invisible to the eye

The audio modules are built into the walls of the exhibition, positioned behind a specially designed micro perforated wall panel.

The combination of HOLOPLOT modules and strong MDI panels has been extensively tested. Transmission losses from the MDI panel were measured in 3D space to later be compensated for in the HOLOPLOT optimization engine.

The result is clear, full range sound with virtually no coloration and a completely unobstructed visual projection surface. 

Venue challenge #5

Ensure adherence to the venues noise breakout limits while maximizing the sound inside

HOLOPLOT 3D Audio-Beamforming technology focusses sound energy on the audience zone, excluding walls and other boundaries. This improves the direct to reverberant ratio; reducing unwanted reflections and audible echoes — ultimately resulting in increased speech intelligibility. This also ensures maximum sound pressure level targets at the facades are adhered to and that acceptable levels are achieved in the adjoining spaces based on calculated sound transmission losses through the exhibition wall builds. 

The HOLOPLOT system in a given design can be simulated prior to installation to ensure performance is as expected. 


Venue layout

Illuminarium 1

System design

Guests arriving at Illuminarium enter through ‘Illuminarium 1’. The space operates as a waiting area before entering the main exhibit, while also doubling as a bar unlike any other. Guests are transported to a Japanese night market, an awe-inspiring interstellar nebula, a Parisian flower garden, or a luminous reef below the ocean's surface.

Illuminarium 1 system includes:

  • One 2x3 MD96 Matrix Array positioned above the room entrance at 13.4 ft* (concealed behind an acoustically transparent panel within the wall)

  • 2 individual MD80-S modules installed on the opposite wall, at 22.0 ft* (above the visual projection line)

Illuminarium 2

System design

Illuminarium 2 houses the main exhibits and includes

  • 25 MD96 Modules concealed behind an acoustically transparent panel within the projection wall at the listeners ear height

  • 12 MD96 and 5 MD80-S surround Modules above the visual projection line at approx. 22.0 ft*

  • 9 MD96 overhead Modules at approx. 23.0 ft

"X1 really allows us through its toolsets of capabilities to work with designers and creators in ways they never even dreamt of.”

- Brian Allen, Executive VP of Technology and Content, Illuminarium ​​​​​​