Wave field synthesis at its best

Sounds like a perfect fit

Spaces change, our sound stays the same: Holoplot systems create a consistent sonic experience across acoustically varying environments. With the individual treatment of direct sound, reflections and reverb, we stay true to the original recording and set a new standard in quality for the audience.


Minimal volume loss

Holoplot’s unique technology uses more efficient planar audio waves to minimize the loss of volume over distance. The result? A constant sound pressure level over large distances and across wide spaces.

Target precisely

Clean and accurate audio feeds

Generate multiple simultaneous audio feeds in real time, with a previously unknown level of precision. Even in the most difficult environments, adjustable audio beams send direct sound cleanly and clearly to the audience, creating localized sound fields and facilitating discrete audio feeds with the required separation across short distances.

High intelligibility

Low feedback

Holoplot achieves new heights in speech intelligibility with powerful direct sound and minimal reflections. The result is a clear audio feed - even in the most challenging environments. Content intelligibility remains high even across long-distance and low thresholds for latency and feedback minimize the risk of microphone interference.

One System

Multiple Feeds

Multiple audio feeds with independent content, EQ and volume can be generated simultaneously by a single Holoplot system. Target different audiences with specific content or playback multiple channels to create an immersive soundfield.

3D Audio

Immersive soundscapes

True sound is the product of direct sound, reflections and time. Authentic sound reproduction requires the independent configuration of all these three elements. Using wave field synthesis, Holoplot systems create genuine sound fields that reshape the acoustics of the venue and address all three elements.

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