Enjoy unknown flexibility

The Holoplot Orbit software interface serves as the brain of our products, delivering clear and comprehensive information to user and system. Illuminating a complex venue with crystal clear dry sound, happening in minutes. Delivering unique proximity experiences in real time, not a problem.

Easy & Powerful

Immersive audio on a new level

Modify your wave fronts from spherical, to planar, to focus, depending on your needs. Move virtual audio sources throughout the space in real-time and place them exactly where you want them. A new era of working with sound has begun.


Shape your sound on a new level

Modify your wave fronts from spherical, to planar, to focus, in order to meet your needs. Reposition the source with the click of a bottom to find the perfect fit. A new era of working with sound has begun.

Soundfield visualization

Adjust and direct the formation of your sound fields in real time.

Multisystem control

One work station, multiple systems: The multi-system control allows for the simultaneous configuration and management of multiple Holoplot systems.

Integrated calibration tools

An IIR set of filters for system calibration is paired with audio tools including pink noise and direct impulse generators—all integrated for easy access.

Advanced virtual sources routing

Manage all source properties from one place — position, wave front, input routings, gain and EQ included.

Offline mode

Fine tune your settings before connecting to a system, with Holoplot’s offline accessibility.

Multi-client realtime synchronization

Synchronise multiple interfaces and controllers of the same system in real time.


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