HOLOPLOT 3D Beamforming Technology selected for immersive UK installation

White Light Ltd transformed part of the Science Museum, London, into a three-day virtual reality showcase featuring a host of the latest Audio-Visual Technologies.

HOLOPLOT 3D Beamforming Technology selected for immersive UK installation

BERLIN, GERMANY, NOVEMBER 2019: 3D Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis Technology from HOLOPLOT were an integral part of a recent showcase organized by White Light Ltd at the Science Museum in London. Held in the Level 1 exhibition space, the three-day event ‘It’s Virtually Reality: The Future of Technology’ attracted more than 300 people keen to find out about the application of augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies to the broadcast, education and events markets. Sound Technology Ltd, HOLOPLOT partner in the UK, supplied and installed the loudspeaker array for the event.

The ‘It’s Virtually Reality: The Future of Technology’ showcase provided an opportunity for HOLOPLOT to demonstrate the new dimension it has brought to installed audio. According to White Light Ltd, “guests were blown away by the impact of this directional sound capability and the personalized experience that it provides – with no audio system in visible sight.”

The installation saw visitors enter a tunnel and pass through the different stages of a story. During their journey they faced various immersive AV experiences, but at no point did they see the actual loudspeaker system, which had been concealed at the end of the tunnel. The design allowed visitors to experience focused audio objects at certain points on their route – making for an exciting and varied audio environment. The installation consisted of one HOLOPLOT Loudspeaker Array that was positioned at the end of the tunnel.

Underlining the high-end credentials of the HOLOPLOT Technology, the Virtually Reality event also featured products from a number of other acclaimed brands. These included BlackTrax (tracking and data capture), disguise (XR integration and camera-based projector calibration), Magic Leap (AR for digital content), Preevue (VR-based visualizations for construction and architecture), Wrnch & Mantis, Unity (real-time 3D content platform) and Samsung (LED digital signage).

Coming hot on the heels of its 2019 AV Awards success, the White Light Ltd event confirms that HOLOPLOT has made a strong debut in the UK. Roman Sick, CEO of HOLOPLOT, remarks: “This was a great event for HOLOPLOT. Again, we were able to astonish visitors with a memorable experience. The event demonstrated the technical capabilities of our systems in enhancing immersive installations and complementing other augmented or virtual technologies. We look forward to future events with our UK partner Sound Technology. They have exciting plans to bring HOLOPLOT Technology to more potential listeners in 2020.”