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HOLOPLOT Plan places the keys to the revolution of sound control in your hands. Start designing sound systems using HOLOPLOT Plan today.

It's time to see sound differently. HOLOPLOT Plan lets you design sound systems utilizing our unique features - see the impact of coverage beams, apply 3D Audio-Beamforming to optimize your design and place Virtual Sources in your venue using Wave Field Synthesis.

Ready to shape the future of audio?

Key Features

Import 3D venue models

Import a venue model from SketchUp to HOLOPLOT Plan.

Build Matrix Arrays

Use the array builder to configure the perfect array shape and size for the venue.

Create a beam or a virtual source

Add the best combination of coverage beams, parametric beams and virtual sources to achieve desired results.

Simulate your results

Use the simulation to view direct SPL in your venue, and use our analysis tools to dig into the results.

Export to EASE

Easily export files in .xglc format for closed-room acoustic simulations in AFMG EASE.


What to expect?

Once you’ve requested access to download the software, we'll email you with a link to schedule in an onboarding call with a HOLOPLOT expert who will show you how to create Matrix arrays and simulate their performance, giving you an opportunity to get to know the HOLOPLOT team and ask any questions.

Ahead of the call we'll set you up with an account for the HOLOPLOT Hub where you can access the download links for HOLOPLOT Plan, as well as get access to our help guides, documentation and release notes.

After the onboarding, you can send us an email anytime at plan@holoplot.com for additional guidance on how to use the software, as well as help out with importing venues and designing systems in HOLOPLOT Plan.


What setup do I need to run the software?

We suggest the following minimum system specifications to ensure that HOLOPLOT Plan runs smoothly

  • Windows 10 or 11, latest service pack, Intel i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM

  • MacOS 12+ (Monterey) / 11+ (Big Sur) / 10.15+ (Catalina), Intel i7 or Apple Silicon, 16 GB RAM

Please note these are basic requirements. Especially demanding cases would benefit from more capable machines than the ones recommended above.

What language are the training and software delivered in?

Any communications (including emails, forms, or other documents) will be provided to you in English. 

Do I need to register for access to the HOLOPLOT Plan software in order to get design support for a current project I’m working on?

If you’re looking for support to design a HOLOPLOT system to meet a project brief, please get in touch with us and one of our team will contact you.

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