X1 takes flight



The 2023 edition of Integrated System Europe is happening this January (31 Jan - 3 Feb), and HOLOPLOT will again be exhibiting at the show.

This year, you'll find our booth at 7G700 inside the audio hall. Come over, get inspired, and grab some of our famous coffee, once again brought to ISE by the Barcelona-based team from Nomad Coffee.

We've got lots of new and exciting things to share this year, including the Beta version of our sound system design software HOLOPLOT Plan. You can trial the software at our booth, with experts guiding you on designing systems that utilize HOLOPLOT's unique technology. You can also dig a little deeper with our 30-minute seminar, 'Sound system design brought to life with X1 and HOLOPLOT Plan', presented daily in our demo room.

The brand-new X1 rigging system is traveling with us to ISE. You'll see our proprietary rigging in action at the HOLOPLOT demo room, a short walk away in Hall 8, where we'll be running a full schedule of sessions across all four show days.

With X1, hearing is believing

No need to book a spot, just turn up on time !

A) HOLOPLOT X1 Listening session
Run-time: 20 minutes

Join us to experience the revolutionary HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array, including a closer listen to 3D Audio-Beamforming, coverage zones, virtual source localization, and multi-zones. Jump into one of our daily demo slots for your quick ISE overview of the unique capabilities of HOLOPLOT technology.

B) Manoeuvering tricky acoustic terrain with X1 
Run-time: 30 minutes

Equipped with HOLOPLOT's revolutionary algorithms and 3D Audio-Beamforming capabilities, challenging acoustic terrain has never been easier to navigate. Join this seminar and learn how HOLOPLOT technology actively avoids reverberant surfaces, eliminates unwanted echoes and reflections, and reduces the need for acoustic treatment. Discover how HOLOPLOT X1 can help you achieve unmatched coverage and intelligibility results in even the most challenging spaces.

C) Designing sound systems with X1 and HOLOPLOT Plan
Run-time: 30 minutes

HOLOPLOT Plan places the keys to the revolution of sound control in your hands- letting you visualize the unique capabilities and principles of the Matrix Array and opening the door to smarter system design. Join this seminar and discover the benefits of Coverage Beams, 3D Audio-Beamforming and Virtual Sources in two venue designs - a theatre space and an immersive attraction.

H) Connect with HOLOPLOT
Run-time: 1 hour
Our demo room remains open in between our sessions. We welcome you to stay and meet the team, ask questions or simply take a breather from the busy trade show floor.

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