Experience 3D beamforming: HOLOPLOT presents its unique technology at the ISE 2020 in Amsterdam

Tuesday 11th February 2020


Our HOLOPLOT team is looking forward to welcoming you at the upcoming leading international trade fair for AV and system integration to discuss immersive real-time sound experiences with you.

Experience 3D beamforming: HOLOPLOT presents its unique technology at the ISE 2020 in Amsterdam
Experience 3D beamforming: HOLOPLOT presents its unique technology at the ISE 2020 in Amsterdam

Tuesday 11th February 2020 | 10:00am - 09:31am

From 11 to 14 February 2020 the time has come: ISE will once again open its doors to AV enthusiasts and system integrators from all over the world - and HOLOPLOT will be there! Due to the great interest, ISE will massively expand the pro audio exhibition area, so that it will not only be in Hall 7, but also in Hall 5. Just like us, so come and visit uis at our booth 5-V152.

Immersive sound experiences and intensive exchange

We are passionate sound enthusiasts - just like you. Therefore, we would like to invite you to dive into the unique immersive listening experiences at our stand and discuss with us. About your projects. About immersive sound worlds. And our key feature: digital 3D beamforming.

We are convinced that 3D beamforming is the future of the pro audio industry. Because the benefits of our technology are as diverse as the areas of application. Three examples:

Public transport

Speech intelligibility in public transport announcements is a key factor in increasing passenger safety and satisfaction. However, due to the large crowds, the high noise level and the complex architecture, railway stations are particularly demanding environments in order to guarantee high speech intelligibility.

Our technology significantly improves the quality of the announcements: Digital 3D beamforming on the vertical and horizontal axis allows you to control both the beam's opening angle and the shape of the wavefront. This improves direct sound for user-defined areas. The result: unprecedented speech intelligibility even in the most acoustically demanding environments. And thanks to multi-beam configuration, sound designers can also reproduce multiple, sharply separated beams in a room - each with unique content and without crosstalk for reduced noise pollution. Since HOLOPLOT requires fewer loudspeaker positions for this, the costs for installation and maintenance are also noticeably reduced.


Conference rooms also place high demands on speech intelligibility. In order to create a pleasant and satisfying conference or lecture experience, it is essential that the spoken word is perceived clearly and without any noise pollution. The HOLOPLOT 3D beamforming feature generates a high level of speech intelligibility with user-controlled wavefronts and source directivity. This maximises dry direct sound and minimises disturbing reflections. And with the multi-beam configuration feature, different audience zones can be addressed simultaneously with different content. Both technological features also enable uniform coverage over long distances what increases the individual listening experience of each participant.


The global retail industry is faced with the great challenge of countering the growing migration of consumers to the internet with interactive, stimulating and personalized brand experiences in the stores. Immersive sound designs and installations have great potential to create unique in-store experiences, inspire and retain customers and charge brands with innovative radiance.

HOLOPLOT offers all the tools to create the most diverse sound experiences in the store and raise the brand experience to an unrivalled level. Whether immersive sound landscapes or sharply separated audio areas: With the help of HOLOPLOT's technological features, sound designers can divide stores into different isolated accoustic zones and simultaneously sound them with different, zone-specific audio content – from music over sound landscapes to precisely controlled product advertising that can only be perceived in a defined zone. The first very successful HOLOPLOT use cases are impressive proof of the elementary added value our professional audio installations have for the innovative retail trade of tomorrow. Please do not hesitate to contact us – we look forward to a lively exchange with you at the ISE 2020!

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