SmartRecruiters Hiring Success 2018 – Glashaus


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In 2018, the conference took place in Berlin for two days with seminars, product demos, and networking.

SmartRecruiters Hiring Success 2018 – Glashaus
SmartRecruiters Hiring Success 2018 – Glashaus


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Hiring Success is a curated event at the heart of Europe with more than 400 talent acquisition executives, thought leaders, founders, investors, and the hottest recruiting startups. In 2018, the conference took place in Berlin for two days with seminars, product demos, and networking. The conference is organized by SmartRecruiters, an organization passionate about helping companies attract, select and hire great talent with their Talent Acquisition Suite.

The Hiring Success event 2018 was hosted by SmartRecruiters and was organized by the event marketing agency Openers in the Glashaus, a venue in Berlin located directly at the Spree. More than 400 attendees came to the event where 50 sessions were organized for 83 speakers. Providing an educational experience to them was the main objective requiring intelligible speech for the transmission of content.

The Glashaus venue used to be an old storage facility and its interior poses a challenging acoustical environment for planners: Walls and floors are highly reflective and the facility consists of two long rooms, separated only by a thin glass wall. Organizing an event that requires high intelligibility of sound is already challenging in one of the rooms. Conventional loudspeaker systems, such as line arrays, could not be used for the two-stage area simultaneously in the Glashaus facility due to the horizontal dispersion of sound waves. Reflections, generated by the concrete walls, would have made the transmission of intelligible speech nearly impossible with conventional technology.


  • Reduction of spillovers between two side-by-side stages with simultaneous keynotes (separated by 5mm window glass wall)
  • Acoustically challenging environment with reflective concrete walls and flooring, glass windows and open space
  • Constant intensity and intelligibility across the entire audience of each stage
  • Potential risk of feedback due to small distances between presenter and loudspeakers
  • Short time for setup and teardown of the sound system


  • Each stage equipped with Io Audio Modules in two configurations to design targeted sound fields at the audience (one split setup, one wall setup)
  • Consistent speech intelligibility over the audience area which was confirmed by attendees of the conference
  • Significant reduction in spillovers among the two stages due to beam steering and targeted sound fields
  • No additional absorption material was necessary for the installation