Sphere Immersive Sound

powered by HOLOPLOT X1

Unparalleled sound experiences through sound control.

HOLOPLOT technology is science-based, software-driven and hardware-enabled.

Built on over ten years of R&D from industry-renowned experts, HOLOPLOT has established a unique, patented solution that enables the unprecedented ability to control sound with highest precision. Solving fundamental challenges and enabling new levels of immersion, HOLOPLOT technology unlocks a new dimension of quality sonic experiences.

Control over sound, means control over the experience.

3D Audio Beamforming

Unique capabilities, exceptional quality

3D Audio Beamforming


Highest performance for the most demanding applications

A groundbreaking product series designed for maximum sonic performance in entertainment applications. Turning the most ambitious ideas into reality.


Compact format, unrivaled intelligibility

From auditoria and conferences to houses of worship and public transportation hubs, X2's smaller size makes HOLOPLOT technology accessible for more applications than ever before.

Plan. Control. Create.

Integrated workflow for ease of use

The HOLOPLOT Software Suite provides a seamless design and operation experience that allows to make easy use of the technology’s revolutionary capabilities - elevating any sound experience.

Exceptional Performance

for all applications