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Steerable 3D Audio Beams

Constant Loudness

Lowest feedback

Virtual 3D Audio Space

Sweet Spot everywhere

16 Software steerable 3D Audio Beams

16 steerable wave front beams can simultaneously be generated by HOLOPLOT Wavefield Generator. They can be used to "illuminate" complex venue geometries to reach only the audience, avoiding critical reflecting sections. Every patch can be individually controlled concerning content, volume and EQ.

HOLOPLOT can generate focussed sound beams and virtual audio sources at any place in front of it.

With focussed beams "virtual loudspeakers" can be generated in the listening room. Their location is freely programmable. They can also be moved via drag & drop. Conventional surround formats are programmed in the system. No installation of loudspeakers is neccessary. With focused beams, reflection points can be placed to achieve further acustic effects.

Constant loudness over large distances

Loudspeakers generate undirected, spherical audio wave fronts. They hit the walls of your room and produce numerous and strong reflections, disturbing your audio content. Significant sound pressure losses over distance are normal among loudspeakers.

HOLOPLOT provides constant loudness over long distances. Planar wave fronts are not loosing sound pressure over distance as known from conventional loudspeakers. Losses are only caused by defraction and air dampening effects.
Content beamed by HOLOPLOT has a volume margin of typically ± 1,5 dB all over the audience, while sound pressure level outside the beam is declining rapidly.

sweet spot everywhere

With conventional audio installations, audio content is located by your and your loudspeakers position. Conventional audio systems always produce a sweet spot, a very confined aerea where you can hear your audio content more or less balanced. Correct spatial audio reproduction is not achievable.

With HOLOPLOT you can locate audio sources independent from your own position. HOLOPLOT' can reproduce up to 16 virtual audio sources. They can be placed before and behind the Wavefield Generator. Realistic as well as creative spacial audio conceptions become possible.

Lowest feedback

Today Life Performances require additional efforts to avoid feedback of microphones. For life performances, conventional loudspeekers must be placed in front of the stage in order to avoid feedback of microphone. Artists can not hear each other without additional monitoring.

HOLOPLOT has the highest feedback resistence of the industry. HOLOPLOT's Wavefield Generator places the virtual audio source far behind the stage. In consequence, sound pressure at the mirophone remains low. Feedback level with microphones is drastically increased.

Virtual 3D Audio Space

Your listening room acoustic is the most disturbing element for the quality of audio reproduction. Any given room, if not a professional studio, has reflections. Some can be desirable but most are not. They reduce speech inelligibility and significantly reduce the quality of music.

HOLOPLOT can create the audio characteristics of any room at your place. HOLOPLOT can independently control the elements which determinate the acoustic perception of any room:
The direct wave is physically restored by the Wavefield Generator. The first reflections of the listening room are manipulated in a way that they match time and directions of the desired room. The reverb can be restored from multiple directions and adapted independently from direct waves. By doing so, the disturbing influence of the listening room is subtracted from the signal chain.